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The truly important things in this life....

I met Peter Rosenfeld last May during a "hosted" visit to England...I had no idea that his invitation to sing at his wedding (to the beautiful Vera!!) tomorrow 20:10 20/10/2010 would bring about such a lovely shift in this life for me.  I agreed to and truly have looked forward to this day since the invitation...every moment counts and the journey along the way has been "magic!" 

I have had the honor of recording under the production direction of my very good friend John D. Herrera (Clamsville Recording Studio) with world class musicians Michael Broening (Piano) and Dwight Killian (Bass)...9 + hours in the studio...and now...tomorrow, I stand alone with a hundred or so people to honor Peter and Vera's wedding as "Wacky" as it seems...I am here for Peter and Vera and to be a part of a magnificent experience that I will always cherish...whatever happens beyond the sunset is truly "frosting" ... I am deeply honored and forever indepted to those that have helped me along the way....

So tonight...practice...and prayer...heart wide open...making friends for life all along this road...I am, I am, I am ...truly...the luckiest girl in America...xoxo

I am hopeful that soon...I will be able to share the final production of one of the most intimate and lovely recording sessions I've ever been Blessed to part of...stay tuned....

May Heavens light enfold you and gently guide you to where you need to be...

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